Louis Vaugoin - Wholesaler for Jewels, Gold- and Silverware 

Established in 1847, Louis Vaugoin is renowned as a wholesaler for jewellery in Austria. Today it supplies retailers all over Austria, Hungary and Switzerland.

In a long family tradition the love to gemstones and fine, solid produce was given to the next generations-. We are offering high quality products by Alice&Alex, Julia and Saturno by Louis Vaugoin. In addition to the Louis Vaugoin Diamonds collection, our product portfolio also includes jewellery at bottom range as well as exclusive collections of international origin for sophisticated customers.

The aim of Louis Vaugoin is to offer a friendly, professional and first class service. Louis Vaugoin puts the customer first!

In order to being able to offer you our full attention please call in advance.

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LOUIS VAUGOIN - Story of a family business 

Louis Vaugoin

In 1847, the goldsmith Louis Vaugoin opened a business to produce and deliver gold- and silverware in the 6th district of Vienna. Thanks to the accurate finish and the good customer service the business reached prestige and importance quickly.

10 years later when Johann Anderle was born, no one knew that this man would become destiny for this business. He was an apprentice to his father, Peter Anderle, who was belt maker and a specialised chain smith and also exported to Germany. After an economic apprentice at Lustig and Vidor he got employed as bookkeeper at Louis Vaugoin and took charge of the company when his boss was away. In1885 he got proxy and managed the business until Louis Vaugoin died after long ailment. In 1889 he bought the business from Louis Vaugoin's widow and was the sole holder of Louis Vaugoin.

Johann Anderle led the business to its boom years. He was not only favoured and appreciated as an expert and merchant but also as a board member of the association of the jewellers, gold- and silversmiths as well as of the alliance of the noble metal and watch trade he put his knowledge in place of the whole trade.

His son, Hans Anderle, born in 1888 also learned the trade at his fathers business and went abroad to broaden his horizon. In 1919, after WWI, he returned as associate of the firm. He helped his father to adapt the business to the new economic circumstances and keep it at pre-war level.

When Johann Anderle died in 1927, Hans Anderle became sole holder of his father's company and managed the business with much care and expert knowledge until the end of WWII. Like his father he acted exemplary to his colleagues. He held the appointment of the vice-president of the guild of the jewellery and watch trade as well as he was a spokesman of the section of the Wholesale with gold- and silverware.

Far too early the business has lost its hitherto boss in 1945. For a couple of months during the worst post-war-turmoil the business was closed. In the meantime Hans-Joachim Anderle, born in 1920, the son of Johann Anderle, returned from the war. It was not easy for him to take over the company without specialised knowledge. Thanks to the long-time and loyal employees he successfully reopened in May 1946.

Despite the severe loss due to depredation and seizure, the rehabilitation of the company was successful. In 1948 Hans-Joachim Anderle opened a branch in Salzburg, which established and approved quickly. From the small range of items of the first post war years consisting of silver charm-bracelets, rings and earrings, derived a grand stock of silver-, gold- and brilliant ware of all sorts, whereby much emphasis has been placed on the old speciality of the production of hunting jewellery.

Since 1971 the fourth generation of the Anderle family is working at Louis Vaugoin. After his A-levels, Hans-Helmut Anderle, born in 1944, went to work in Pforzheim (Germany) and on his return went into apprenticeship to prominent goldsmiths and jewellers such as Juwelier Hügler at Petersplatz, where he did his examination for the master craftsman's certificate in 1970. Since Hans-Joachim Anderle retired in 1980, his son is leading the company together with his wife Sigrun. Since 2009 their daughter Karin Anderle, as the fifth generation, is also working at Louis Vaugoin.

With the basic principle to solely sell solid and dignified jewels and place emphasis on customer service Louis Vaugoin had taken a strong line and remains true to it until today.

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